Far Cry Primal: Could you Hack It?

Ubisoft have today announced the launch of CaveBnB, a tie in with the upcoming Far Cry Primal, which could see you jetting off to France for the experience of a lifetime.

So far the Far Cry series has taken us from the sunny tropics to the sub-zero hinterland of the Himalayas, and the upcoming Primal installment is looking to take us back to a time before we were the dominant species. Battling with the creatures of the land before time will be a challenge in game, but now Ubisoft are looking to see if we can do it for real.

CaveBnB will see one lucky entrant and a friend of their choice heading back to the Stone Age in an undisclosed location in France. Developing new skills with expert survival training by day, and by night the two will have their new found talents tested and they’ll need everything they have to survive. Check out the video below for Ubisoft’s┬áTourist Information on the “holiday home” and surroundings.

Entry to the competition couldn’t be simpler. all you have to do is tweet, showing your Primal instinct to prove you have what it takes. Take to twitter now and let them know why you should be the winner. The competition has already started, and will close January 21st at 23:59 (GMT). To take part in the contest, simply add #CaveBnB and @FarCryGame in your tweet and your entry will be in! Good luck, and don’t forget…

They mostly come at night… Mostly…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ_SOmsjVk0]

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