New and Improved Xbox One Features

The Xbox one dashboard was transformed in November to the sleek new look we’re all getting used to. We’ve found the new dashboard works really well for giving access to your games, and certainly runs faster on our machine, but there are a couple of features which Xbox users have been pleading with Microsoft to bring back. In an upcoming update which rolls out to Xbox Preview members today, we’ve had some of those features brought in (or re-instated) and here’s the skinny on what’s changing on your Xbox One.

#1 – Fight for you Right To (See Who’s In A) Party!

The first noticeable thing on the new update (for us, we’re social butterflies) is that you are able to view who is in a party before joining your friends or frenemies. You’ll get the option, straight away, to jump in party knowing the waters are clear and you’re not interrupting a very important Guitar Hero Band Meeting

#2 – Gamerscore Leaderboard

Once you’ve signed in, you can now head over to your achievements and see how you stack up against your friends on total Gamerscore as well as still being able to view who has gained the most over a rolling 30-day period.

#3 – Rearranging Your Pins

Thank the maker! If you’re as obsessed with your pins as Stanley down the post office, your digital stockpile can now be rearranged individually. Instead of having to plan ahead and move everything to the front in order, you can now just move one pin to wherever you like, to create your little slice of fully compartmentalized heaven.  You will also be able to access your pins while offline, which again is much welcomed for those of us with dodgy internet connections

#4 – Hiding “Ready to Install” Games

Another thing we’re been twitching out thumbs over, as of today (for Preview Members) you will be able to select to hide any Ready to Install” which you don’t want to see any more, meaning those Beta titles and other assorted tat no longer have to clog up your install list.

#5 – Honourable Mentions

As well as the four big points above, Microsoft have also made a number of smaller changes in their first major update of the year, and like the previous they’ve been looking to upgrade the social aspects of Xbox. Preview members will also have access to

  • Joinable Twitch Broadcasts
  • Suggested Friends Improvements
  • Integrated avatar Store
  • Compact Mode For Xbox App
  • Activity Feed notifications
  • New Trending Section

There are some great features making a return to Xbox and some new things we’ve been hoping for now for a little while. As ever let us know what you think in the comments or over on our Facebook or Twitter

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