New Year, New Games: Just Cause 3

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In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s now 2016. Yes! I know! Would you believe it happened overnight?

So, to celebrate this new year, I want to do a series about all the wonderful games I play over the year, but seeing as there will probably be a lot of them, I think I’ll narrow it down to just the ones that I buy this year.

Let’s start this series off with a bang, shall we?


Yes, that pun was intended and yes, I’ve bought what Keiran so rightly refers to as the Michael Bay simulator. Now, my experience of the Just Cause franchise before this point was limited only to the second game, but I loved it. It was a sandbox with a ludicrously over the top storyline, vast explosions and laughably caricatured voice acting.

This third installment is more of the same. Rico Rodriguez is back in his home country to overthrow an evil dictator using nothing but his wits, his trusty grappel claw and, well, ok, probably several shed loads of explosives and varying calibres of ammunition. Ok, fine, Rico uses a lot of stuff, but he’s still cool.

Speaking of stuff, one major element of charm that the previous game had was the freedom of movement offered with both the grappel line and parachute combination. Just Cause 3 expands on this with the addition of a wingsuit to Rico’s repertoire, bringing a much faster form of flight, but as you’d expect, it can’t really turn, so that’s when you’ll want to switch to the good ol’parachute. Switching between these three items is simple and feels very organic.

As seems to have been Square Enix’s want of late, this game has online leaderboards. Much like Hitman: Absolution (which I still can’t beat any of Jon’s scores on…) this game will make note of your best kill streaks or how long you can stay in the air with your wingsuit etc. and then compare it to people on your friends list.

Now, I’m not very far into the “story” of the game; I’ve been having far too much fun running, jumping, climbing trees (putting on makeup while I’m up there), flying and driving my way through settlements and miltary bases, “liberating” them (see: exploding) but this incarnation of Just Cause feels less mission driven and a lot more open with how you want to play the game. You want to do the story? Great, have some unlockables. You want to do races? Fantastic, here’s some different unlockables. You want to blow the heck out the landscape? Excellent, unlockables for you, you scamp! You want to just roam around, explore and find collectables? You do you, and have some unlockables too. There is so much to do in this game that you can’t complain about content.

Overall, the game feels very polished and is a definite update to the franchise. If you like open world sandboxes and exploring, then definitely give this game a try. If you enjoyed previous Just Cause games then you absolutely cannot let yourself go without this game. In fact, why haven’t you bought it already?! Go on! I’ll wait…

In the meantime, stay awesome! I’ve been and shall no doubt remain Craig.

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