Parent’s Guide – Call of Duty Ghosts

The very first Pixel Bandits’ video was our Parent’s Guide to Call of Duty Ghosts, the 14th installment in the series started way back in 2003 on the PC and Mac (or if you were really lucky, the N-Gage).

By this stage in the series we could be fairly confident that the overall gameplay wouldn’t be too much of a difference from the earlier titles but it is one which we completed (on Veteran, obviously) and at the time was the latest available and, hell I’m going to say it, was one which I enjoyed playing through.

We’re now two titles on, with Black Ops III, but again due to the nature of the series the warnings our ghosts video are largely relevant today for anything in the CoD franchise. As our first Parent’s Guide, it’s missing the PEGI rundowns and review which we’ve added since, but I still like looking back on our very first video and we hope you will as well


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