Trackmania Turbo. Coming to consoles in March.

Trackmania was always a favourite of mine on PC and to see it coming to consoles gives me a warm glow of nostalgic happiness. For a racing game, that was hugely popular online on PC, the format is very simple, go as fast as you can around some of the most insane gravity defying circuits ever made for a racing game. We’re talking about jumping huge distances, pulling high G loops and barrel rolls and pinning the throttle through tortuous turns and complicated and technical sections of track in the search for the fastest time and bragging rights over the other competitors. Trackmania Turbo is basically a matchbox car fantasy on a massive scale.


So, what do we know about this soon to be instant hit?

As a time attack driver you will participate in international racing events around the globe, racing your way through 4 competitions taking place in tropical islands, summer countrysides, North American valleys, and international stadiums. Trackmania is a 10 year old franchise of arcade racing games developed by Nadeo and published by Ubisoft. With more than 21 million players, it is the ultimate time attack racing experience where everything is about the irresistible pursuit of the perfect racing line. Its “easy to pick up, hard to master” gameplay revolves around time attack racing, so the difficulty is always perfectly balanced, as the player will surf on his own limit & sets their own challenge. The Trackbuilder tool blends together arcade-style racing with an intuitive toolbox, enabling players to design an infinite amount of crazy, outlandish tracks or spice up the experience by generating random ones. You can then save and share your best tracks with the community and challenge other players. This ability to share created your own creations is where this game comes into its own. On PC I used to follow certain players that painstakingly created some of the most iconic real life circuits to race on as well as some of the fastest fantasy circuits where shaving of hundreds or thousandths off of a second was key to staying on the leaderboard.


The sheer scale of circuits available to play in campaign mode is staggering. 200 circuits set in four different locations around the world. the time attack mode goal is to obtain the best time possible on each track to win medals, unlock up to 200 tracks and progress in worldwide rankings. There are 4 environments in Trackmania Turbo, each with its own gameplay experience: Canyon Grand Drift, Rollercoaster Lagoon, International Stadium and Valley Down & Dirty. The total number of tracks in the game is endless however since you can use the Trackbuilder to build as many custom tracks as you want. The Trackbuilder mode allows you to create custom tracks to make your Trackmania experience infinite. It’s also a tool that will allow players to express their creativity and bring new content to the Trackmania community. There are 3 different types of modes in the Trackbuilder: Random Track Generator, Easy Trackbuilder and Advanced Trackbuilder.

trackmania create

The Easy Trackbuilder is very simple to use and is perfect for players who want to quickly and effectively build a custom track. The Advanced Trackbuilder offers a more extensive range of customization options, where hardcore players will be able to create their own challenging levels. With the Random Track Generator, everything is in the name – it generates an entirely random track that’s immediately playable, you’ll never know what you’ll get.

The Random Track Generator enables you to create entirely random tracks, based on a certain number of options that you can choose from, including environments, difficulty, duration, etc. The track is then created in three separate stages: terraforming, track creation and finally decoration and signage. Ubisoft wanted to create an intelligent tool unique to this game, where the track will adapt in real time to the environment – For example, if an obstacle is blocking a path, the road will seek a way to go around or above/below it.

Finally the Random track generator. The idea behind the Random Track Generator offers players the possibility to create completely random and unexpected tracks with one click. It offers not only a great replayability, since the number of randomly-produced tracks is infinite, but it also adds an additional challenge since you never know what you’re going to get. It’s a perfect mode for playing with your friends in Arcade mode since the track will be new for everyone and all that matters are your skills.

Trackmania Turbo had an intitial release date of November last year but now the release date is listed as the 24th March 2016 for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Until then you’ll have to make do with the official trailer and join with me in quietly waiting for the eye ball straining, reaction testing insanity that is Trackmania Turbo.


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