Umbrella Corps: New Trailer & Release Date

Capcom have today announced some more details on the long awaited third person action shooter, Umbrella Corps. Set in the familiar Resident Evil world, the multiplayer oriented title will see you battling not only the walking un-dead but also other mercenary teams in the area as you battle to keep the zombie outbreak under control.

Umbrella Corps is based around quick, intense multiplayer skirmishes, in compact battle zones which are all themed from historic Resident Evil titles. As well as the Umbrella Laboratory map Capcom have today announced more from Resi 4 and Resi 5 will be with the game and there are still more maps and modes to be added

The game does focus on multiplayer, but there is still a single player option, of sorts. “The Experiment” will see you as a lone operative faced with waves of flesh-eaters and stripped of the “zombie jammer” which can offer partial protection in the 1-6 player online experience. The coliseum style horde mode will take the player through over 20 missions with varying objectives while they hone their skills in the world of Umbrella Corps and familiarize themselves with their new duties.

As well as the standard multiplayer Mercs and Walkers, you’ll also be able to see some stage-specific threats in certain maps such as the crazed Ganados from RE4 and the blood-thirsty Cerberus Dogs from RE5. we’re expecting more to be announced with further maps and I think we’re all hoping the Mansion from Resi1 will be along at some point.

The title is looking to be released in the USA and Europe in May 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4, and the Manufacturer’s suggested Retail Price is $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99. Take a look below at the new gameplay trailer, released today (though bear in mind this has been age restricted to 18+ at the request of the publisher).


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