Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: How to go Back To The future

Backwards compatibility is a beautiful thing, and it’s great that Microsoft are adding more and more titles to their list for Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility on the Xbox One, but a few Gamers have been left out in the cold and getting your hands on the previous generation isn’t quite as straightforward as you would have hoped if you don’t already own the game. Well, look no further because here’s our guide to getting your previous generation games onto your Xbox One.

#1 – Games You Already Own

It’s easy to get any games you already own on 360 over to your Xbox One. Simply head to your “My Games And Apps” section and when you get there, take a brief trip over to the “ready to Install” list over on the right. Here it will list any games for 360 or Xbox one which your Microsoft account has previously bought / downloaded, including any Games With Gold items from the past


#2 – Xbox 360 Games With gold

It’s important to remember that EVERY Xbox 360 Games With Gold title is now fully backwards compatible on the Xbox One. It’s unfortunately not a case of simply clicking on them, but it’s not the end of the world, there’s a place you can go. Firstly, if you select the 360 Games With gold just to the left of the Xbox One games in your regular games with gold section, you’ll be treated to a short video clip. Skipping this will open the console’s Edge browser and you” be taken straight to the Games With Gold section of the Xbox website. Once logged in there, you’ll be able to click the Download from Xbox Store button on any available title. This will then put the title into your Ready to Install section and you can install any time. You can also click here to go straight to that website in any browser.


#3 – Purchasing New Games

You can still purchase Xbox 360 titles, either using an Xbox 360 console itself or by doing so through a web browser (and remember there’s Edge on your Xbox One console). Once you’ve purchased the game, it will again appear in the Ready to Install section above.

N.b. If downloading with Games With gold or purchasing an older title, it may not instantly refresh in your Ready To Install list and may require a reboot of your Xbox One console

So there we are. It’s not always the most straightforward way of getting your hands on your older games, but it just takes a couple of minutes and with the calibre of some recently being far superior to their One counterparts (Operation Flashpoint and Deus Ex to say the least) it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. You can of course find each month’s Games With Gold release schedule here at a little while before they are released so keep an eye here, and on our Twitter, Facebook, and Social Media areas to keep up to date

If you’d like to know more about Backwards Compatibility on the Xbox One, You can click just here, and if you’d like the ongoing list of Backwards Compatible titles you can find them just here

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