Bring Justice To the Rocket League

You may or may not have seen that these days among others, most of the PBSF clan is completely addicted to Rocket League. Nominee for over 100 awards in 2015 the fast paced Football drive-em-up is available for all consoles, and if you’re looking for a cheap does of fun for the whole family is one we’d heartily recommend.

We’ll be covering rocket League in a little more detail very soon, but today RL Developers Psyonix and Publishers Warner Bros. Interactive have announced a new car pack for the high-octane sports title. While we’ve already had a good selection of vehicles in game, and a nice Back To the Future car pack which majorly appealed to us 80s nerds, we can look forward now to a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice car pack which will include the new style Batmobile as well as three exclusive antenna flags.

It doesn’t seem like loads, but then you have to remember that this DLC like the past content is priced at just $1.99 US or £1.49 GBP meaning it’s more than affordable. As usual, there will be a slight (and un-documented) variation in the vehicle attributes, but Psyonix have done well to ensure that there’s nothing game breaking and while purchasing the DLC will give you some sweet new wheels, it’s not turning into a pay to win title

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car pack will include three exclusive antenna flags for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as the new style Batmobile for use in your sportsing glory, and will land on all platforms on March 8th. If you’ve not seen Rocket League yet, firstly what the utter chuff are you doing, secondly go buy it now, and lastly check out our Quickfire video just below to see what it’s all about.


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