Final Fantasy XIV 3.2 Gears Of Change 

Yesterday saw SquareEnix release the latest patch to its ever popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV (14) Online, the latest patch dubbed The Gears Of Change will see players tackling new dungeons, Primals and Story quests.

This update is the first to help new players in the realm of Eorzea and teach them the basics of team play, being an MMO team play is the most important thing during the entirety of the game. This comes in the form of the Hall Of Novices which aims to help players understand what it takes to be a team player. The hall also has several NPC’s that will teach those completely new to MMO’s what all the terms mean in the game. On top of that a new Mentoring system has been introduced to allow new players to play with much higher level players who will teach them the more complex aspects of the game.

The abridged Patch notes read :-

  1. Main Scenario Quests
  2. Two High Level Dungeons – The Antitower and The Lost City of Amdapor (hard)
  3. Containment Bay S1T7 – New Primal Sephirot.
  4. Alexander Midas
  5. More Hildebrand Quests
  6. Stone, Sky, Sea – A new training ground with striking dummies with the strengths of the strongest beasts in Eorzea
  7. The Feast – A new PvP zone
  8. Other changes to the game include patches to tanks. Vitality (VIT) stats now directly influence a tanks dealt damage. PC has also been given 4K support meaning if you have a 4K monitor or TV you can enjoy the game at full resolution.

For further information about 3.2 head over to the Final Fantasy Lodestone.

For all those new to the game you can jump in and play on PC, PS3 and PS4 and you can even play free for 14 days with the trial.

What is Final Fantasy?

If you’ve never heard of Final Fantasy then where have you been all this time? Final Fantasy is one of Playstation gifts to gaming but this wasn’t always the case having launch on the NES back in 1987 in Japan. The franchise soon grew with 14 main games and several spin offs including Kingdom Hearts and Bravely. Final Fantasy has not stood still and continues to grow today, Final Fantasy XIV is currently one of the most played MMO’s with 4.5million players worldwide.

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