The Technomancer. Get Your Butt to Mars!

Technomancer is a title we’ve been looking forward to for a little while now. Set in the red wastes of Mars, the Action-Adventure-Brawler-Sci-fi-RPG (and we’ll stop there) sees you step into the steam/cyber-punk shoes of a vigilante, hunted through a dystopian future on the red planet.

Set well into the future, hundreds of years after man first sets foot on our Rouge neighbour, the inhabitants are isolated from the mother planet during a cataclysmic event. A decimated population survives, but the pioneering optimism of the early colonies has vanished, instead replaced with vast empty plains, and shanty towns, governed by corrupt officials.

Pursued by the debauched police forces of what stands as government, you are forced to journey through the inhospitable environments, chasing a secret which could change the course of history. Protected only by some epic fighting skills and your mage-warrior abilities to harness destructive electro-based power, which is only amplified by your futuristic bionic implants.


Releasing in summer 2016 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it;s a multi platform title that we can get behind. Looking like a mixing pot of Fallout, Mad Max, and Tremors it will be up to you to survive in what is left of settlements, populated by desperate criminals, mutated creatures, and of course the police force searching for you.

Players will be able to work their way through the game with a fair amount of choice to their play styles. With four skill trees focusing on three combat styles you will be able to choose your fighting style as well as the character customization options and choose well as the world will react to your actions through the game.

An In depth crafting module will see you not able to change just the attributes of your armour, but also the appearance, meaning you can change your look, and the look of the companions you will fight with throughout the adventure.

Take a look at the latest trailer from French Indie Developer Spiders, and Publisher Focus Home Interactive, and as ever well try and keep you up to date with developments on this one as we go forward


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