Xbox Console and App Updates On The Way

Xbox users may be happy to hear that some long awaited features will be rolling out to the Xbox app today and out on Xbox One tomorrow. It’s mostly social features being implemented with the aim as ever to bring gamers closer together, both on PC and Xbox.

Rolling out tomorrow on the console itself we can look forward to;

  • Seeing who is in a party before you join it
  • The Return of the Gamerscore Leaderboard
  • Offline Access to your pins (And the ability to rearrange them!)
  • Activity feed updates
  • Easy to find “Use A Code” option for the store
  • Joinable Twitch broadcasts
  • Suggested Friends improvements
  • Chatpad hotkeys

And updates tomorrow for your console and today on the App

  • Avatar Store
  • Xbox News App
  • Xbox Accessories App (easier customisation for your accessories)
  • Improvements to “Trending”

There are a lot of things here that get me excited. Being that gaming secular fascist that I am it takes me a lot of time to plan ahead and arrange my pins in the way I want them (Two left columns for video apps, middle three columns for Xbox One digital titles, right three columns for Xbox 360 digital titles), so knowing that I can add a game to my pins without having to plan well in advance is a nice touch

I also get confused every time I have to input a code as I can never remember where this feature is, even though I use it regularly, so having it in an easy to find location on the store is a welcome addition to me new Xbox dashboard.

Let us know what you’re looking forward to here, as ever we love hearing back with your thoughts on all things gaming.

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