Parent’s Guide – Dying Light: The Following


We’ve recently been taking a look at the fairly recent release of the new expansion pack to the already pretty exciting title, Dying Light. We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the Enhanced edition of The Following, which includes the base game of Dying Light, The Following DLC and a season pass, which gives us even more.

Dying light has always been one of my favourite examples of zombie survival horror. Good game mechanics, a well thought out story and a good mixture of tense moments with fast paced action have kept this high on my list for some time, so as you can imagine I was looking forward to testing what The Following had to offer.

There are a few ways to get hold of the following yourself, if it’s been something which has piqued your interest but you’ve not yet bitten the bullet. Firstly, as above buying the Enhanced Edition will give you the main game as well as current DLC and a season pass. If you already own the original dying light, you can either simply purchase the expansion on its own, or the season pass, which will include current DLC and enhancements.

It’s not a small amount of game you are getting for your surely hard earned money. As well as the extra game areas and storylines, you’ll also be looking at more multiplayer modes, daily challenges, weapons, clothing and still more, and it’s a genuine pleasure to see an expansion for a game which isn’t charging you a day’s salary for some extra weapon skins and a map you’ll be bored of after half an hour.

If you want to know more, take a look at our recent Parent’s Guide above, which goes through the game with a Parent’s Eye View, as well as marking the game for those of us who are above the age on the box. As promised in the video, the full contents of The Following: Enhanced (With Season Pass) is;

  • Dying Light (Base Game)
  • The Following (New Map and Gameplay)
  • Cuisine & Cargo (New Hardcore Zone)
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle (New Outfits and Weapons)
  • The Bozak Horde (New Map and Gameplay)
  • Enhancements – Listed below
  • New enemy attacks and behaviours
  • new parkour moves
  • #DrinkforDLC content
  • New NPC models
  • Greater Firearm Variety
  • HUD and Video filter customization
  • Console Performance Upgrades
  • Overall Gameplay, Audio, and Graphical improvements

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