Final Fantasy XIV 3.2 The Gears Of Change Media Kit #4 released

Square Enix have release media kit #4 into the world, with assets from the latest Patch dubbed The Gears Of Change, specifically the new PvP arena – The Feast.

The Feast will unlock in game automatically to those who have unlocked the Wolves’ Den with season one matches due to begin with patch 3.25 but you can get in on the action with preseason matches with patch 3.21 up to 3.25.

The Feast will be split into three arena’s which will have different ratings and participant numbers. 8v8 matches will be held on larger arena’s with small parties being on smaller arena’s, the main objective is to steal your opponents medals with the winner being determined by who has the highest medal count. Individual PvP ratings and highest rankings will be awarded with a special prize at the end of the season.

While I havn’t touched the PvP at all myself I know a few people that really enjoy it and it’s worth getting involved in even if you just attempt it once. 

For all those veterans of PvP in FFXIV let us know your favourite moments in PvP so far in the comments below!

Stay Awesome!

For more information head to the links below!

Entry requirements and basic battle tactics, visit:

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