Post-Launch Content Unveiled for The Division

Ubisoft have today revealed an extensive post-launch program, with updates and DLC following from summer to winter, and including new feature and challenges as well as paid expansions. It seems the developer will be keeping an eye on this title, which already has a lot of eager followers. Following the launch, players will be given new daily and weekly challenge missions, as well as dark zone events. In addition to the ongoing activities, there will be two free updates with new features and funtionality as detailed below


In April, the first of the free content will introduce the first Incursion, new end-game content developed specifically with squad play in mind. Teams will be tested as they face seemingly unstoppable enemies, and will be rewarded with high-level weapons and equipment. The april update will also add in Lott Trading, one of the most requested features, allowing players in the same group to trade any gathered loot during co-op game sessions.


In May, Division fans will see another free update launched, adding new features to the Dark Zone as well as adding a new Incursion in the iconic Columbus Circle

There will also be paid DLC, as we’d expect, coming throughout the year, with three installments announced so far (and all available in the Season Pass, gold Edition, and the Sleeper Agent / collectors Edition). Each expansions looks to add new map and features to the title, which we’re happy to be able to detail here for you

Expansion I: Underground

Available from June, the first major expansion for the Division will see palyers take to the sprawling and uncharted underground of New York cit. Chasing dealy enemies as part of four man squads through an endless twisting maze of tunnels and subways

Expansion II: Survival

Later this summer, the Survival expansion will challenge players to hold their own, gathering essential supplies in a hostile environment.

Expansion III: Last Stand

In Winter we can expect a new threat rising through the decayed streets. Not too much is known about this expansion, however as always, we’ll do out best to keep you in the loop.

It’s good to know that Ubisoft aren’t just releasing and giving up on their titles, and we’re very much looking forward to taking on the tough streets when The Division releases March 8th, in just 5 days time. Let us know what you think in the usual social media, available as always in the menu above

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