Hitman – Very Elusive Targets

We’ve been enjoying Hitman thoroughly over the last month, and especially with the new amazingly detailed and expansive Sapienza area it’s a game we’re increasingly happy with. The Elusive Targets are an element which has been… somewhat… elusive, but all that is about to change!

The very first Elusive Target goes live TOMORROW (May 13th) and you will have 48 real world hours to track down and eliminate the target, before the hit is once again removed from your active list. What we currently know about our target is limited however we can tell you that

  1. The target is a once in a lifetime experience, the target will NOT be repeated
  2. They are available for a very limited time in game. This first target will give you 48 hours to complete the hit
  3. Intel on the target will be very limited
  4. The target will not appear in instinct mode, or on the Mini-map. Their location will not be revealed to you, you have to find them
  5. Plan accordingly BEFORE engaging the target because…
  6. If you die, that’s your shot at this target over and done with
  7. If you fail, or the time runs out, there are no second chances

It’s something which will give die hard Hitman fans a decent thrill, and we can’t wait to get boots on the ground in Sapienza to track down this man or woman of mystery. Rest assured, you will get only one chance at these, It’s the IronMan mode of Hitman and we love the idea. Also be warned, in future Elusive Targets, there will not be such a comprehensive lead time, and we’ll have to keep our ears to the ground, and following Hitman on social media will help you keep on top of things.

Good luck, Agents. It seems we’ll all be needing that! Check our our Parent’s Guide and review of Hitman just below, if you’ve not seen it yet.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd1IOz7gArw]

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