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Here at Pixel Bandits, we’re lucky enough to be a part of a clan which cares deeply about its members and the community we’ve created. when one of the PBSF clan tragically lost a family member recently, he decided enough was enough and asked if we could get a charity event organised instead of just sitting on our backsides, the time to act was now.

After looking through a few charities on Karas’ local area we settled on St. Luke’s Hospice, in Cheshire. A very well deserving organisation, and the ‘Boots On The Ground’ in the area for people with a wide range of life limiting illnesses, and they really are making a difference.

St. Luke’s focus is simply caring. They offer many facilities, as well as symptom control, complementary therapies, and the especially thoughtful end of life care. It’s a positive environment, despite the situation, and clients are afforded the best comforts, as well as professionals who support individual needs.

This year, in order to keep its vital care and services maintained and operational, St. Luke’s requires £3.1 Million, and every little really does help. There are many ways to support the cause, from the St. Luke’s Lottery, through regular donations, and of course Fundraising events, and that’s where we come into it.


It was a very simple premise, and one which sounds enjoyable for the first few minutes you think it over, a 24 hour Game-a-Thon. Play games, get sponsored, raise money for something we’d be doing anyway, everybody wins (except my stomach after 24 hours of Mountain dew and snack food). It’s not something that might seem too much of a challenge, but let me tell you it’s not easy.

Doing anything for 24 straight hours is not easy, and I can certainly say by the end of the 24 hours we were tired, achey, and slightly spaced out. With blurred vision and sore thumbs (and shoulders and legs in my case) we were completely wiped out, but we managed to get a lot done. Throughout the 24 hours we’d managed to

  • Complete 4 hours of CQC within Elite Dangerous
  • Take the trip to Hutton Orbital to deliver party supplies (This trip takes just over an hour of straight line flying)
  • Complete Qualifying and a Formula Ford Grand Prix race (we somehow managed to win!)
  • 5 hours of competitive Rainbow Six
  • 4 hours of competitive Rocket League
  • Start and Complete the Sapienza level in Hitman
  • Also, take out the time limited Elusive Target within Hitman
  • Generally have a super fun time with a lot of very supportive people

It was a long, long day. but we got through in the end and while the pot is not quite yet closed (midnight tonight) we have so far raised £530 for St. Luke’s, an achievement we are far from ashamed of. We’re hoping for a little more before the doors close and if you missed the event over the 14th-15th fear not, you can still catch up and watch ALL of it, archived just over here on our Twitch channel.

If you’d like to read more about our mission here, or about St. Luke’s, you can check out the Just-Giving page where it’s all been happening, and the official St. Luke’s website as well. Our very last video was the last 2 hours of elite Dangerous CQC and you can check it out on the video below. BE WARNED – While of course language was kept to a minimum, after being awake for 32 hours and gaming for 24 of those solidly, one or two naughty swear nuggets may have filtered through

[twitchtv url=”https://www.twitch.tv/pixelbandits/v/66575093″ autoplay=”false”]

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