Subnautica – A First Look

Commanders Log – Day One

Jettisoned escape pod successfully. Unit damaged but I’m alive. Local wildlife seems mostly docile, and have been gathering supplies.

It’s not easy. My communications relay is still damaged and I’ve not found any other survivors as yet. Have found supplies to disinfect water, and the fish in the area, though alien, make good enough eating.

I’ve found other wrecked escape pods. I think I’m the only one who’s made it so far. Bob willing, I’ll still be here to report in tomorrow. If anybody is out there, send help. I’m on the planet vivally in the LHS 448 system. Alive, but in need of assistance. Cmdr PBSF Pendragon, day one. Out

We’ve recently been blessed with a closer look at the Xbox Game Preview title, Subnautica. We took a little look at the title in our article a couple of days ago which you can find just here, but we wanted to take a closer look at this for you today, and show you how we got on with some Hands On time with it.

As ever, you can find our full stream of this in video form just below, where we’ll go over starting out in the game and how to find the things you’ll need to survive, and start your journey in this aquatic adventure.

It’s a title in a very similar vein to Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, and a million other sandbox adventures. Start with nothing, work your way to something, and try and get your head around the learning curve which is, as ever, fairly steep. You’ll start off with a malfunctioning escape pod, before working hard to fix it up, and go on to create underwater habitats, and submarines of your very own (and even name them!).

While it’s in game preview, we did want to share our thoughts on the title in the usual manner, and you can find our run down below for our first look thoughts at Subnautica, as well as our chunk of live stream to show you the ins and outs of this cracking title

The Preview Run down

We need to be 100% clear here. This game is not complete, it’s not nearly complete. It’s in the Xbox Game Preview program currently, and the scores below simply reflect that. They do not reflect a full review, but just our first opinions. We will be updating with a full review and score upon the game’s full release

Graphics: 8/10Above water, the graphics are astonishingly good. The water effects, the night sky, it’s all a genuine pleasure to look at. The underwater world is not quite as pristine

Story: ??/10: We have to abstain on this one for now. We’ve enjoyed what we’ve found so far, but it’s not too much. As with all sandbox games, we enjoy creating our own story anyway, but we’re looking forward to finding the truth behind our fated flight

Sound: 8/10: The background music is solid and blends nicely into the serene underwater world. Audio clues for certain creatures are also good, though of course a little rough around the edges.

Replayability: 6/10: In games such as this, replayability doesn’t get much of a look in. It’s a title which we’re expecting to spend a lot of time in, even before it’s fully released, but we are certainly looking forward to getting a little further here and replaying in the one life Hardcore Iron-Man mode

Satisfaction: 9/10: Already, just wow. To be very very clear, this game is NOT released. Likely it will not be released for quite some time, and will spend a lot of time in Game Preview (As Elite Dangerous did and Ark still is). That said, it is fully enjoyable, and we believe very much deserving of it’s low range price tag. We’ve spend just a few hours in Subnautica so far and we’re looking forward to spending a lot more time under the ocean waves.

The video below takes you through the basics of Subnautica Survival. While we’re not starting absolutely from the beginning, it will take you through what’s required to get food and clean water, as well as creating the essentials to repair your life pod, as well as gathering materials to make your first submersible.


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