SuperHot: Worth it or Not?

We recently got our hands on SuperHot and we can say with no hesitation that it’s the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years! However, while innovative and bold, does it stand up well against today’s Triple-A market?

Well, we’ll start with the fact that it is a game which gets in your head a little bit. The “Main Gameplay” is bright and bold, in stark contrast to the BASIC computer systems presented nicely within the menus. The game stays in character the whole time, with chats within the menus with your friend getting a little less regular and a little more… glitchy.

While the title produces glitches which are meant to be there, the build itself is reassuringly solid. Like with Hitman which we went over earlier this year, there is nothing half arsed about the game itself. It’s a well thought out and innovative shooter, with a fresh concept, Time moves only when you move. Unfortunately the one thing it does fall down on, and I’m never quite sure what’s ironic or not these days, it Time.

After having a very brief bash through the first couple of levels, we thought we’d bring our twitch crowd in with us, and much to our dismay we completed the whole game within the one stream of just over two hours. While it has the price point of games like Rocket League, and it has some replayability in its bonus and Endless Modes, I’m not 100% convinced it lives up to the £17.99 ($24.99) price tag, currently.

The Run down

Graphics: 7/10: There’s nothing wrong with the graphics, the game is bright and bold as intended, however with the minimalist style there’s nothing that’ll blow your socks off

Story: 7/10: There’s a good little story buried in SuperHot. It’s not the greatest but there are some Meta points and an interesting progression, which did keep me wanting to know, what’s coming next.

Sound: 6/10: Nothing great in the sound for this title. It’s buoyed somewhat by the nice effects when you actually managed to hit folks, but again nothing making me say WOW.

Replayability: 7/10: Once you’ve completed the story you do have some bonus modes, including ENDLESS mode Similar to most horde modes it just keeps going until you fail

Satisfaction: 6/10: The gameplay is good, it IS innovative, it is fresh and it makes you think. It’s something that I have really enjoyed playing, but the fact that you can fit the whole game into just over two hours is disappointing, even by today’s standards. If the price was a little lower, I would definitely recommend it for those of you who like to think and plan, so one to pick up fr certain if it goes on sale, or if they release new, free DLC for the title.

The video below will take you from very near the beginning right up to the end and includes a round of Endless Mode. Be warned that as this was a late night stream, there may be some language interspersed throughout. The stream starts on our usual entry screen, as we let viewers know where we are, the action kicks off at around the 0:13:30 mark


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