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Rocket League landed on consoles a few months ago now, but with one thing and another, we never really got around to getting a video recorded (we were having far too much fun actually playing). We thought it was high time we got a review down on paper, for those poor souls who still haven’t managed to get any play time.

The premise behind rocket league is a very simple one, but it’s one that keeps you coming back again and again, as you take the long path to mastering the skills required to beat the best. Another budget price point game which we have sunk countless hours into, and it’s clear that the team have put a lot of work not only into the game, but also into keeping the fan base in game, as they offer different game modes, play styles, and embellishments for your vehicle of choice.

Rocket League is a cracker, and while there’s not much to say about it other than “hit the ball with your car. put the ball in the goal” the workings behind it do deserve highlighting. It’s been a little while since the first cross platform game (Shadowrun, on Xbox 360 and PC) bombed horrifically, but the team at Psyonix have worked tirelessly to promote cross platform play and now it’s possible for players on PC to compete with both Xbox and Playstation opponents. While the two consoles don’t have an option of taking the game to each other yet, it’s something we’re keeping our eye on for the near future.

So, as you can probably tell, I’m a rocket league fan. But let’s go through the rundown here for you

The Run down

Graphics: 9/10It’s a beautiful game, and whether you play on PC, PS4 or Xbox it’s one which looks great, and keeps a steady frame rate at most times. Everything from the cars, their toppers, and even the stadia themselves have had a lot of love and attention poured into them.

Story: 2/10: There is a single player mode in the game, but really it’s just the same gameplay, with AI opponents and odd team names. There’s not a great deal they could have done with story in a sports title, and while there is a decent single player experience, the multiplayer is where it shines.

Sound: 9/10: The in game sounds are crisp and clear here, but they pale in comparison to the catchy electronica in the game menus which you just cannot stop humming to yourself afterwards.

Replayability: 8/10: Even without much of a single player offering, the multiplayer here is enough to keep you coming back for more time and time again. As you play through any game mode, be it on your own or with friends, you also unlock hats, bobbles, rocket trails, and other items, and even new cars whether you win or lose, so you always feel like you’re making progress

Satisfaction: 10/10: Not easy to get a 10 from us here, but Rocket League is really deserving of the accolade. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a game for decades, and while I’ve loved the story and gameplay of titles like Wolfenstein, Elite: Dangerous, and the Witcher, Rocket League’s beauty is the ease of which you can pick it up, put it down and just jump in whenever. It’s the only game which fills me with joy and anger simultaneously, and it’s simplicity means it’s fully accessible for everybody.

Our video below will take us through the full Parent’s Guide for Rocket League, including review and PEGI run through

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