Skyrim HD is confirmed!!!


Well the rumors are true, and everyone (yes I mean everyone) is going to be eagerly awaiting the arrival of what is the gaming equivalent of an old friend returning home after a long trip! I know this is an old favorite of everyone at Pixel Towers!

I myself played this game through 3 times. By that I mean I started afresh 3 times and put in 200 plus hours on 3 different characters. I’m pretty confident I have never completed the main story… But with Bethesda’s announcement of updated visuals and the ability to mod the base game maybe I’ll give the main quest another go?

Bethesda have also announced that anyone that had all of the DLC or the Legendary Edition of the original game will qualify for a free update to the remaster edition on October 28th. All that’s left to decide is Storm Cloak or Imperial?

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