Batman Gets a Release Date

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We’ve been a big fan of Telltale games for many years. their own unique slant on franchises we love such as Back To The Future, The Walking Dead, and Game Of Thrones has taken us through stories with unique visuals, great characters (helped by their originals of course) and not forgetting brutal, heart wrenching, and game changing decisions in your hands. We’ve been more than happy with what we’ve seen from their new Batman Series, and Episode One is coming in the not too distant future!

Realm of Shadows will be available on both current and last gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and through Steam and the Telltale online store for PC and it’s here sooner than you might think. August 2nd will see us stepping in as the World’s Greatest Detective, and you’ll also be able to pick it up on compatible Android and iOS devices.

The series looks to run over five episodes, in the usual format for a Telltale series. It will also be available from September 13th in North America as a Season Pass disc, featuring the first five episodes and will also grant access to a futher four episodes as released. The Retail edition will be available throughout Europe also, releasing instead three days later on September 16th.

The living, breathing, comic book styling of Telltale seems to suit Bruce well, and we’re looking forward to seeing which winding and (we’re guessing) dark directions we will be sent in along our way. We can tell you at the moment that as well as Bruce and Alfred, we can look forward to seeing other old favourites such as Selena Kyle, Carmine Falcone, Harvey Dent and Vicki Vale. We also can confirm the appearance of Lieutenant Gordon, so while we know it’s not a young Bruce, it’s set a shot while before the times of the Nolan Trilogy.

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