Farming Simulator 17 levels the Spraying Field

It’s another title which has been completely out of left field (or perhaps the lower field) but it’s been a huge hit on console and Farming Simulator 17 will refresh the franchise once again this year, when it releases on October 25th. It promises more content than ever before as we will be given new branded vehicles, new animals, new crop types and for the first time (as we’ve seen with Fallout) mods coming to console.

farming sim2

Diversity in gaming is a very hot potato and what with us being all for equality it’s great to hear that Giants software and focus Home Interactive have listened to the community and will be including the ability to play as both male and female characters in the new edition. Given the option to chose gender as well as clothes at the start of the game, the diversity doesn’t just end there, but will also extend to workers and farm hands you can hire to help which will include a selection of both male and female characters.

We’re looking forward to seeing more on Farming Simulator 17 in the coming weeks with more new features and content being announced. If you’re headed to Gamescom inย Kรถln this August, be sure to check this one out. We’ll keep you in the loop, as ever, as news comes to us and with news, reviews and live streams as and when the title is available. You can of course keep up with prices and preorders by selecting your preferred platform below

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