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Monster Hunter Generations releases today with much anticipation from fans of the series. Available both physically and digitally for all systems in the Nintendo 3DS family, it looks like it will be a popular one, from we can see, and having played some of the previous games in the franchise we certainly understand why.

The starting point for you in this latest installment is the Wycademy, a group dedicated to research and study on the monsters you face (and no correlation with Pokemon shall ever be drawn) and will lead you on your journey to defeat increasingly fearsome creatures until you face the mighty Fated Four.

The epic new beasts are terrorizing four villages which players will need to defend if they want to keep their title of monster hunter extraordinaire alive.

Monster Hunter is still keeping things fresh, after almost twelve years of beast slaying titles, with their all new Prowler Mode. Previously AI only Felyne partners the Palicoes were once only available as support characters but they are now fully playable with their own gameplay mechanics, gear, questlines and rewards. Adding something new for long times devotees of the series, and giving a wider game to newcomers to Monster Hunter making it the perfect time for you to have a look at what the title has to offer.


Free monthly downloads with quests and content ever first Friday of the month are pledged for the title through to the end of the year, and fresh content packs will feature new challenges as well as allowing players to equip their Hunters and Felynes with special themed collaboration costumes from hit franchises such as Okami, Fire Emblem and Zelda.

As well as all the new bits and pieces obviously the game keeps things we know and love and with Co-op multiplayer, new challenges and game modes (as well as returning favourites) it’s definitely looking like a winner. It’s hailed as the most customizable Monster Hunter Ever, and you’ll be helped along the way there if you have Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data, as a special care package with Armour, potions, in game currency and more.

As well as the new game we are also offered a new console. Beautifully branded in striking red and with some truly gorgeous artwork on there, the Monster Hunter Generations 3DS XL will also of course come with a pre-installed version of the game on a 4GB micro SD card. The console is looking to retail in the UK for just under £230 and you can Find further information on it just here. The game on it’s own should be just over £30 and again can be found just over here


We’re looking forward to getting hands on with Monster Hunter and it looks like a great one for those who’ve never heard of the series, and those long time followers as well. Remember to le tus know what you think in the comments below, or of course over on social media

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