Parent’s Guide – Le Tour De France

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Over the last few days we’ve been quite surprisingly excited about getting some hands on time with the latest cycling mega title (this is a thing now, apparently) Le Tour De France 16. Being exercise avoiders and salad dodgers for quite some time now, it’s a title which we went into without really knowing what to expect, but we’ve come away fairly impressed and will definitely be sinking some more time into it very soon.

You may be imagining (as we were) that this title would be mostly about mashing your controller in a constant and concerted effort to retain the number one spot and hurtle your way through the stages of Le Tour, but this couldn’t be further form the game we’re presented with. Instead, fine strategy management is required for both your own stamina and your team’s efforts as well, to ensure a good finish for you at the end of each stage.

While we’re not big fans of Le Tour de France, or even cycling (or fitness) in general, it’s a game which we’ve enjoyed, and with a few different game modes, it’s got a little something for all comers. Of course the main game modes focus on different stages of the main tour and you’ll need to manage the effort, positioning, and strategy of both yourself and your team in order to keep up with (and hopefully break away from) the peloton. As well as those stages, there are online multiplayer modes where you can take on worldwide challenges, and even throw down with your friends to see who can get from the top to the bottom of the mountain in the fastest time

It’s a lot more in depth than we thought it would be, and for non-cycling enthusiasts, we’ve liked the detail and strategy which has been put into this, as well as the relaxing nature of the ride. While we’ve had an enjoyable (if sometimes a little baffling) experience, We imagine that this will be a hit for fans of the sport.

The Run Down

Graphics: 7/10: While they’re not specifically bad, the animations within Le Tour can be a little iffy at times, and there’s not that much variation with riders

Story: 3/10: With it being a sports title, we weren’t looking for much in the way of story, and we weren’t disappointed. Some teams and lore but nothing in the way of gripping narrative

Sound: 7/10: Another game where the sound merges into the background for the most part. The crowd effects and wind are nice, but the chants from spectators can ge ta little repetetive after a while

Replayability: 7/10: With different game modes, teams, and stages, there’s a fair amount here to keep people happy. The extra challenge modes add a little more and add a few beaats extra to the lifespan

Satisfaction: 7/10: It’s not a super high score but it’s definitely one we’ve enjoyed playing. While there’s nothing outstanding for us, we imagine that fans of Le tour or cycling in general may get a lot more out of the game though, and at £39.99, or 49.99 for the US and Europe, it’s not pricing itself out of the market.

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