Xbox Update Rolling Out

The Xbox One summer update is here and rolling out for regular Xbox users as we type, meaning that you could be updating in the near future. There are a lot of much needed additions during this update, and some things which we’ve been waiting for since launch, and we’ll run everything down for you here.

Background Music. Possibly the thing we’ve been waiting for for the longest time. One of the features we loved on the Xbox 360 was the ability to put on music, without having to have anything snapped and taking up your screen. Today’s update will let you listen to your favourite music in the background as you game. The Pandora app, launching soon, is the first of many partners who will also support background music, with Groove Music, iHeartRadio and others coming later.


Cortana. In all honestly, we’ve hardly used Cortana on the PC but she might be just a little different on the Xbox One. Giving more control from voice command on the Kinect, Cortana is also available through headsets, meaning you don’t have to purchase the Xbox camera brick in order to use her. You’ll be able to use Cortana to create parties, see who’s online easily and many other common features you’ll know if you’re currently using Kinect.

Improved Game Collection. Making it faster and easier to access games you’re looking for, you’ll be able to easily sort, manage and see more of your collection at a glance, it will also let you know which of your games needs an update, which is a feature we can see ourselves using a lot


Language Independence. One feature which will be great for people living in foreign countries. Xbox is bringing in language independence, meaning you can keep your first language use don the Xbox, even if you move to a different country, and I’m not sure how this hasn’t been a thing sooner.

Xbox and Windows Store. Microsoft are now starting to combine the best of Xbox and Windows stores, hoping to give gamers a cohesive experience across all platforms. With streamlined store on Xbox and the ability to filter search results be Genre, read reviews from other players, and easily see what’s currently on offer it should help people find the content they are looking for much faster.


Improved Sharing, and Facebook. The sharing features are promised to become even better, and give the ability for you to manage what is automatically shared to your activity fees as well. You’ll also be able to connect to your Facebook account (if you have one), and easily find Xbox friends who’ve linked up to Facebook as well…  Not our favourite feature on the update, but I suppose certainly useful for those who would like it.


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