Parent’s Guide – Fifa 17

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Hello there bandits. Courtesy of EA we’re running onto another pitch today as we take a look over Fifa 17. In a similar vein to Madden and NHL this year, they’ve gone over and enhanced a lot of AI, visuals and added new game modes, but we’ve been very keep for one part in particular, the all new story mode in Fifa, The Journey

It’s been a long old road for Fifa, and a long time since we first got hooked in Fifa 97 and the Road to World Cup 98. For a little while, as with all yearly releases we’ve become a little jaded with Fifa over the years as (we think it’s fair to say) there wasn’t much coming out which was new.

In similar style to Madden and NHL this year, EA seem to have bucked their ideas up though, and there’s obviously the all new story mode with The Journey, but also great upgrades with AI, and balance and movement on the pitch making the game feel much more down to earth, and of course adding new challenges.


The same modes we know and love are in there of course, and we’ve not yet seen the back of the online Pro Clubs, offline Be a Pro seasons and of course the well loved Ultimate Team which are all still going strong and including minor improvements and of course all benefit from the changes and fresh motion capture on the pitch.

We’ve had some good time in most of the modes, and apart from being a little bit rubbish in Ultimate team, we’re loving it so far. We’ve set up our Pro club already, got stuck in with our own offline be a pro and of course taken our skills to the pitch against the general public in the single player online leagues.

If you’re looking to join a mature Pro Club (who don’t take things too seriously) check out the clan information you can find just over here and of course if you’re looking for somebody to take on 1v1, feel free to add our main account – PBSF Pendragon and we’ll go toe to toe

The Run Down

Graphics: 9/10: Another very strong showing form EA this year, Fifa’s visuals are great, though just miss out on being stunning. The inclusion of Frostbite this year certainly hasn’t hindered things, and apart from the hair the visual improvements are definitely on track

Story: 10/10: The usual Be a Pro and Pro Clubs are here to let you create your own story but this year the inclusion of The Journey is a corker of a story, and offers an emotional journey as you follow the career of Alex Hunter

Sound: 5/10:The usual great soundtrack and effects from EA are let down in Fifa this year by very repetitive commentary. Sadly this isn’t even repetition in game, and we’re not entirely sure they didn’t just grab older recordings from old Fifa titles and crowbar them in there

Replayability: 8/10: The storyline in the Journey has kept us intrigued and as well as the different game modes, and of course online play, we’re excited to get back into the game and see where Alex’s journey leads as we follow him from boyhood to (hopefully) a sporting legend

Satisfaction: 9/10: We’re really happy with Fifa this year, and if you’re a fan of old Fifa titles it’s definitely one to get your hands on. There’s enough new in here again this year keeping things new (as it seems they’ve done with all EA sports titles for 2017) and while usually we’d be shunning it as just another yearly release which could have been DLC, this year is certainly one to take a closer look at.





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