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Hello again Bandits. We’re looking at Everspace today, the latest Game Preview Program title we’ve had our hands on and we wanted to go through it for you here. As it’s a game which is far from complete we’ll not be giving the usual rundowns on Pegi warnings and the game itself as we simply don’t know how the game may change over its time in preview, however we can of course give you a look into what’s currently under the hood.

As you may be aware we’re huge fans of Elite Dangerous, and with around 370 of the members in the PBSF clan being in the Elite universe, pretty much anything “space related” gets compared to it. Of course, Everspace and Elite might as well be a racing sim and a first person shooter and the difference is night and day and all sorts of other solar related puns you could come up with. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, though.

Compared to the somewhat rigid Sim aspects of titles such as Elite or Star Citizen, Everspace is a very welcome breeze as you run through a very arcadey galaxy in this Rogue-like adventure. With tight instant turns and stops it can take a while for Sim aficionados to get the hang of things as your ship just does what you tell it you, when you tell it to, however once you’ve got used to this the instant action is a pleasure to take part in.

Your mission in Everspace is essentially just to get where you’re going. Our on-board computer hasn’t told us where this is as yet, but we know that for now it’s at least 6 sectors away from your starting point, though we’ve currently not got any further. You’ll have to perform some light farming duties as you move forward, harvesting scrap, crystals, gas and more from the environments and the ships you take out along the way. Using commodities you salvage you’ll be upgrading your ships weapons and loadouts as you move forward through the areas of each sector, and between the sectors themselves using jump gates.


When you die (and you will die) your commodities will be wiped out and you’ll start again in your base ship. Being in Game Preview you currently only have the one to choose from, but we’re promised more in future, as well as adding story and other bits and pieces, as you can see in the main menu each time you boot up (as well as a handy change log). using credits you’ve picked up using your last close, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship further in a few different ways as you’d expect from any rogue-like and bear in mind that once you launch, your credits will be set once more down to zero, so you might as well use them if you can.

<strong> The Run Down </strong>

We’ll not be doing a full run down here today, and with the game being still a preview it will of course be changing over time (maybe even by the time you read this). We’ve really enjoyed out rime with Everspace so far. It does have bugs like any preview title, but the mechanics are solid and we like the progression and the fact that really, you have to sacrifice a clone in order to upgrade to move past the harder areas.

Apart from preview bugs the only thing which is really letting it down for us at the moment is the control scheme which doesn’t make too much sense, especially if coming from a sim background. However after speaking with RockFish they are currently looking at implementing fully customizable controls and we’ll be looking forward to seeing exactly how much you can move things around for your own play style.

In the meantime, definitely pick up the demo and you’ll get the jist of what you will be looking at in the full game. The Sectors get harder, and there seems to be a very small amount of story available just in the Preview, and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing where the game leads in future.

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