Aaero Announcement Trailer Revealed

If you were around on the Playstation 2 or Dreamcast in the early 2000s, you’d have been an absolute fool to miss out on the amazing on rails shooter, Rez. It seems now that Mad Fellows and Reverb Triple XP are bringing us a spiritual successor with Aaero for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

There are some changes here to the style and though the similarities between the 2000s classic and Aaero are obvious the graphical changes are of course very noticable. With Aaero we’re treated to much more detailed landscapes, rather than the somehow both intricate and simplistic visuals of the UGA title, though the action and music are ringing come very familiar bells.

With our love for the contempo-retro (yes, I’m still trying to get that word in circulation) title still off the charts, we’re really looking forward to seeing what Aaro can do for us, and with some similar mechanics, as well as some great tunes, we’re super excited.

Rez, United Game Artists, 2001
Rez, United Game Artists, 2001

Micro though they may be, the founders of Mad Fellows have worked on some pretty high profile titles over the last fifteen years, including Guitar Hero and Colin McRae Rally to name just two. It’s a small team over there, but we’ll be keeping up to date (and keeping you up to date) with Aaero as development moves forward.

The current plan for Mad Fellows and Reverb Triple XP is for Aaero to hit consoles and PC in February 2017, but of course keep up to date with us right here at Pixelbandits.org. For those interested, Reverb will be demonstrating the title at Playstation Experience 2016 in the Anaheim Convention Center on December 3rd and 4th

Aaero is based on a deep, fundamental synergy between music, gameplay and visuals. We’ve strived to create a unique and intuitive experience that exhilarates with bold visuals and an incredible soundtrack. – Paul Norris, Mad Fellows co-founder

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