Can You Survive Hell?

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We’ve had a new trailer released today by developers Madmind Studio and publishers Playway for their title Agony, which is currently steamrollering its way through Kickstarter, and looking jolly tasty while doing so

Agony is an exciting looking first person survival horror title, set within the very bowels of hell itself, and your task is of course, to get the… well get the hell out of hell, we suppose. Starting your journey as one lonely tormented soul within the depths of the abyss, with no recollection of your past, you’ll have to do what you can to survive, and finally meet with the Red goddess herself on your path out of Satan’s Playground.


As well as running, jumping and climbing trees (possibly), Agony allows you to take control of people along your path, as well as simple minded demons, and using these and other skills, exploring the hostile environment and using it to your advantage. We’re looking forward to seeing more of the gameplay mechanics in future, and we’ll keep you updated as development goes on.

For now, we know that Agony will release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2017 (Estimated for May). It’s currently available on kickstarter where is has well over doubled it’s starting amount, and you can pledge CA$40 for a digital copy on PC or CA$47 for a digital copy on console (around £24-28 respectively)