Parent’s Guide – Titanfall 2

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Hello folks and welcome back. Today, courtesy of EA and Respawn Entertainment, we’re delving into the second installment of the mech loving wall running fast action shooter which is Titanfall 2.

The original Titanfall let us down in a couple of ways. While the action was good, the DLC and season pass content (the bane of most modern gaming) was a little in your face and in some ways it seemed a little worse than usual. We were also a little gutted to find there was no single player campaign at all, leaving just the fairly small scale multi player action which we’d expect from most online shooters of late.

We’re glad to say in its successor here, the developers have listened to the public and created an absolute beast of a title. With a full and immersive story mode, single player fanatics are certainly catered for with an engaging and at times emotional narrative which is clearly a lot more than just an afterthought. Our favourite part of the Titanfall 2 story though is the announcement that once you purchase the main title, there are no season pass or DLC charges and all new maps and modes (and more) will simple be accessible to anybody who has bought the game.

Flying in the face of the industry’s SOP at the moment, we’re really happy to see EA and Respawn standing up for a little more of the old, and a little less of the new when it comes to add-ons, especially when at times these days you’re paying to unlock data which is already on the disk at launch.


They’ve shaken up the multiplayer a little as well, with Titans now being points based instead of timed, and with Boosts instead of Burn cards to give your pilot a little leg up in certain areas. Overall the experience is a damned fine one, whether you like multiplayer or single player, but as ever we’ll run the whole thing down for you just here

The Run Down

Graphics: 9/10: The graphics in the title are pretty impressive, and especially noticeable in the single player campaign and the well created locations it takes you to.

Story: 9/10: From having no campaign at all in the original, Titanfall 2 has this time woven a cracking story, and it’s so much more than just tacked on. Even if buying for online play, give the single player a try and you’ll not be disappointed

Sound: 7/10:The sound is pretty much in the background and while we’d certainly say it wasn’t bad, there’s not much which jumps out as amazing

Replayability: 9/10: The storyline is fairly linear of course but the multiplayer will keep you coming back with just enough time to reward ratio to make you feel like you can really progress and get stuff done. With a number of Titans, weapons, camos and more available to unlock there’s always enough to make you want to boot up and drop in

Satisfaction: 9/10: As well as a great game to get stuck in with, we think Titanfall 2 absolutely leads the way in customer satisfaction as they buck the DLC and season pass trend. It’s a damn fine first person shooter and between the grit and mire of Battlefield 1 and the fast paced wall running mech dropping action of Titanfall 2 it’s looking like EA have it pretty much sewn up this year.

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