The Voice. There’s no escape, it’s coming to console. (Sad Face)

…Yeah. The apparent smash hit series has been realised as a video game and it’s coming to console. The series begins again in the new year but until then you can recreate all the screechy voiced wailings that your heart desires in your own home. Should you want too. With other titles out there that allow you to become a member in a rock band or even a hero with a guitar, it remains to be seen just how much of an impact this will have in a market that’s well and truly cornered by some very popular video games. One thing that is sure though, there will be plenty of embarrassing videos and clips that will be gracing our mobile phones, laptops and tablets in the run up to Christmas. Get yourself a big red chair, you may need it!

The Voice video game features all the classic elements of the smash hit TV show including the famous ‘Red Chair’, ‘Blind Auditions’, ‘The Battle Rounds’ and more. Packed full of current and classic hits available to perform instantly in ‘Party’ mode, all backed by the official music videos. You can also live the full The Voice experience in ‘The Show’ mode where you take on the role of a contestant and sing your way through each stage of the show from ‘Blind Auditions’ through to ‘The Live Shows’.

The ultimate party game this Christmas, The Voice can be enjoyed as a single player game or with a group of friends. Pick up a mic and become The Voice!

Multiple ways to play:
‘The Show’ mode takes you through The Voice contestant experience, from the ‘Blind Auditions’ and ‘The Battle Rounds’ to the ‘Live Shows’.
‘Party’ mode gives you instant access to 30 current hits and timeless classics to sing solo or with a friend, all backed by the official music videos.
Single player and two player options available.

Available on PlayStation4, Xbox One and Wii (compatible Wii U) on November 25, 2016.
Compatible microphone required to play.
Available from most retailers.
RRP PS4 and Xbox One: £39.99 (game only) or £49.99 (game and 2 microphones)
RRP Wii (compatible Wii U): £34.99 (game only) or £44.99 (game and 2 microphones)

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