Thargoid Theories and Other Wild Speculation

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Well it’s been a long road but they’re here. Who they are remains to be a mystery shrouded in all sorts of markers to that point in directions that have taken us down garden paths to us having no idea what is going on…

Here at Pixel Towers we’ve opened the emergency supply of tin foil hats (an essential Health and Safety requirement for any respectable work place) and held an emergency meeting to try and decide what the hell is happening in the galaxy. We thought we’d share with you some of our theories with what actually transpired when we were pulled from witchspace and what’s going to happen next.

Our veteran writer Jamie recalls Frontiers early promise that the player base would be steering the relationship with the new Aliens.
“Frontier are testing us, all interactions are logged. Fired upon – scanned or chased after their initial scan.” he msued with us easlier today. “These are then compiled to build a picture of our general reactions which then dictate either hostile or benign actions when they actually materialise as game content.”

Latest addition to the PB crew, Rik is in agreement with Jamie and sees potential new game mechanics coming our way. “Region permits will unlock new sectors where the interactions will increase an alien bubble of influence. War will lead to weapons tech and shield development and peace will bring trade plus alien engineers.”

The captain of the ship Jon is more interested in the nature of the ships themselves. “My thoughts at the moment are simply that the “ships” are not actually ships but the creatures themselves (akin to species 8472 in Star Trek: Voyager…) The UAS look like they could in many way be baby versions of the larger entities and it would certainly account for their strange deep booming “cries” when you encounter them. Not ‘Thargoids’ themselves possibly, as we know these are more insectoid in appearance (or at least were), but it’scertainly an interesting discussion.”

The PBSF Research team delving into the barnacle mystery.

I’m sceptical of the whole affair. Are Frontier dangling a red herring at us? The original lore of Elite is that the Thargoids and the Alliance had a shady relationship in the early incarnations of the game (something that Michael Brooks has stated has been removed from the time line) but are we looking at humans with Alien tech? Have one of the PowerPlay factions managed to get hold of something that could tip the balance? Are the fabled Children of Raxxla showing their hand?

The fact remains that we know nothing for certain. We will again be like Oliver asking for more of Frontiers gruel as we wait for the next clue or event. I for one am hoping that this huge reveal will lead to a changing of pace on the narrative (please Lord Braban, please) And with the knowledge that there will be at least two alien races in the game will our actions with this entity dictate the nature of the next? Will it transpire that we’ve met a Warmongering race and our saviours are yet to arrive or are we facing a race ravaged by intergalactic war and the safety and future of the galaxy depends on our working together to ensure we all get to shoot skimmer again!

As ever let us know your thoughts below, or on the usual social media spaces.

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