Parent’s Guide – For Honour

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Welcome back Bandits, it’s been a fairly slow beginning of the year and in all fairness we’ve been mostly playing Elite Dangerous and Battlefield. However a new contender for Multiplayer crown looms ever closer so today we are taking a look at For Honour

It’s quite hard to place For Honour, there’s not really been another game like it recently, and for that reason alone it was refreshing to get involved in the field of battle. Favouring the Knight we’ve put a fair few hours into the basic characters already and we’re still enjoying our time in the title, so that has to say something.

With a control system which is pretty simple to pick up, but tough to master (especially in PvP contests) and a background simulation which can work when using any of the standard multiplayer modes (against human or AI) it’s something which we can see folks spending a lot of time in as they work to keep their chosen faction in the dominant position on the battlefield.

It’s only been released for a few days but For Honour has already been hailed as one of Ubisoft’s biggest successes to date and with around one hundred and thirty thousand players online when we checked in last night, it’s certainly not slacking.

The Run Down

Graphics: 9/10: Ubisoft certainly have put a lot of visual care into the graphics, and For Honour is a pretty game to look at, especially in the cut scenes. We’ve been very much enjoying the customization as well, which still looks good even in high intensity situations

Story: 10/10: A really good story in the single player is augmented nicely with a Background Simulation which will keep players involved in the battle between the three warring factions

Sound: 8/10:the in game battle sounds are well realised and the soundtrack, which easily blending into the background is usually pretty good. We’ve marked down here as a few times now we’ve found some quite strange echo glitching with the sound, which can be off-putting

Replayability: 9/10: the main story is not only strong, but also includes collectibles which can help give an excuse to go back for a little more to completed levels. The BGS in multiplayer will also keep folks interested, we think, as the dynamically changing frontlines keep them working for their faction

Satisfaction: 8/10: In terms of gameplay and narrative we’ve really enjoyed For Honour so far. We’ve sunk some hours in there and it’s still an interesting battle, especially when going up against human controlled opponents. We’ve marked down here simply due to the number of micro-transactions which can annoy you with their constant advertisement, even though you’re never forced to purchase them

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