Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster to Hit Retail Release

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Our friends at Frontier Developments have been working hard with Sold Out it would seem, and have today announced that their console and PC hits Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous will both be heading to retail this year.

Planet Coaster will release for retail on PC only and the runaway hit should be as popular with real world shoppers as it has with the digital crowd. The Spiritual successor to Roller coaster Tycoon, Planet Coaster has been much loved by a huge number of gamers so far, and those who prefer physical copies will be able to pick it up from May 23rd 2017

Of course most of you will know of our love for Elite: Dangerous and we’re happy to hear a physical release is planned for Xbox and PS4 owners later in the year. the Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition will contain the same great content as the currently available Commander Deluxe Edition with the base game, as well as the Horizons expansion and 1,000 Frontier points which can be spend on cosmetic items for your ships and pilots.

It’s great to hear that the titles will be available on disc in the near (ish) future, but will you look forward to picking up a hard copy, or are you happy with your digital games these days? Let us know over on the usual social media channels!

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