Parents’ Guide – Planetbase

Over the last couple of days we’ve been happy to get some hands on time with Planetbase, thanks to the folks over at Madruga Works. This planet settling port has been on PC already since 2015, but how does it stack up on Xbox?

We’re usually a little wary of PC ports, as often they lack features or have control schemes which just don’t feel right on our little console cousin. We’re happy to say in this case that Madruga have worked hard to make things on Xbox just right, and they’ve managed it quite superbly.

In Planetbase you act as the overseer and architect of space colonies on 4 different and largely unnamed bodies. Ranging from Accessible, through Challenging, tackling Overwhelming and finally landing on Suicide (we hope those aren’t the REAL names…) your task will be to create a viable ourpost which not only becomes self sufficient enough to house the colonists you take out there, but also to entice visitors from around the galaxy, who might throw a tenner at you as they leave.

On Xbox, Planetbase is a whopping 651mb install, and part of this means that not only can you get to starting up the game pretty quick, but the loading times are barely noticeable, which is of course always welcome. With the different terrains and obstacles posed by each new outpost, as well as challenges set by the developers if you so choose, there’s a fair amount to do in Planetbase and while it’s simple to get into, finding a balance in bases and growing them successfully, can be a real challenge.

The Run Down

Graphics: 7/10: The visuals when you get up close with your base aren’t perfect, in fact some would say they are quite basic for this generation, however the setting and scenery of each base is fairly eye catching, and the textures of the planets themselves are well crafted

Story: 5/10:  There’s a small amount of story in the challenge features and milestones within the main game, but other than that there’s not a lot in the way of plot here, apart from what you come up with in your own head.

Sound: 8/10: The soundtrack to Planetbase is a nice mix of calming classical background,
mixed with planetary ambiance and a few alarms and possibly a smidge of gunfire. It’s worked well with some nice effects when the camera passes close to some of the structures in your base

Replayability: 6/10: A little replayability comes from the challenges and from the different planets you can settle. While there’s no multiplayer the game does keep dragging us in to look after our colonies but it might not hold the same pull for everybody

Satisfaction: 9/10: with a low price point, a tine install, and a good few hours of play time put in so far, we’re really happy with Planetbase’s Xbox outing. There are a couple of things here and there (planet naming for one) which seem to have been missed a little when coming to Xbox but the vast majority of the features are in there, and paired really well with the Xbox controller. If you’re a fan of building sims, we’d say this one is definitely worth a look!

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