Parents’ Guide – Aaero

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After some pretty heavy sim building titles, we’ve been kicking back and taking it easy (kind of) with the on rails beat-based shooter Aaero, courtesy of Reverb Triple XP and Mad Fellows

It’s another of our recent titles which harks back to days of gaming past and with strong vibes of Starfox (or Lylat wars), as well as hints of Guitaroo Man and a good helping of Rez. Putting ell these together Aaero sticks with some well written dance tunes and has a strong licensed soundtrack. We’ve not heard of any of the artists but to be entirely fair we stopped keeping up with music around 17 years ago and since then have just been listening to Simon and Garfunkel on repeat

With a very simple control system, Aaero send you along on a journey through stylized visuals and a pumping soundtrack that seems to pull you along. At first it can be a little tricky to conquer some of the later levels, but with practice and maybe some luck, you can challenge the world on the online leader-boards and see where you stack up.

The Run Down

Graphics: 7/10: the visuals in Aaero are nice and while heavilly stylized very much in keeping with the music and mood

Story: 3/10:  We would have liked to have seen much more in the way of story form Aaero, and while there are some big bosses to defeat, we weren’t really sure what was going on other than the arcade gameplay

Sound: 10/10: With a licensed soundtrack and a game built on music, this is really what we were expecting. The music in Aaero (while maybe not our favourite genre) is good to listen to, and fits the tracks perfectly… Or maybe the tracks fit the music perfectly.

Replayability: 6/10: There are a decent number of levels within Aaero and the online leader-boards will see you completing against yourself, your friend,s and the world as you try to edge higher. The competition can bring you back, but we’d have liked to have seen more in the way or collectables through the title.

Satisfaction: 8/10: Aaero is one of the shorter games we’ve played recently but the price point certainly reflects that and if you enjoy on the rails shooters such as Rez and Lylat wars it’s a good shout. The soundtrack is where the game really shines of course, but the gameplay is fun and we’re really hoping for a Rock / Metal DLC expansion with some wailing guitar solos to throw our little ship along to.

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