First Strike: Final Hour. The fun side of Nuclear Warfare.

First Strike, the beloved mobile strategy title that sets the Doomsday Clock ticking and puts players’ fingers on the button of a horrifying nuclear arsenal, became available for PC players everywhere on 31st May. Blindflug Studios, a developer known for creating games focusing on dilemmas taking place in the real world with games like ‘Cloud Chasers’ (dealing with immigration) and ‘Airheart’ (overfishing and resource management), is pleased to launch First Strike: Final Hour, a fully optimised PC and Steam game from the already critically acclaimed mobile version focusing on nuclear warfare.

Fully optimised for PC with new control systems, a graphical upgrade and Steam support, the game also features double the number of super weapons for more strategic options and a new Diplomacy Mode, allowing players to form non-attack treaties with superpowers and even stab them in the back.


Twelve Playable Nuclear superpowers – You decide which real world superpower you play, from the USA to Russia, China or North Korea
Devastating Superweapons – Build twelve technologically advanced rockets, from Tridents to the TSAR, unique to each Alliance
Build Rockets and Missiles, conquer territories and research new devastating nuclear technologies.
Control the world – shoot and defend against nuclear rockets on a 3D globe.
Exclusive new Non-Attack-Pact system – Search for Pact partners and team up against enemies
High resolution texture rework – Brand new reworks including night lights, bump maps, HD options and star constellations just for PC
Fast paced, award winning strategy gameplay – Each round of first strike takes between half and hour and an hour to complete. First Strike was finalist and winner of numerous game awards worldwide.

An interesting, if fairly controversial subject but one that aims to enlighten players about the very real threat and the repercussions of a nuclear war. As Real Time Strategy games go it’s right up there with Plague Inc. and could easily take it’s place in the RTS market. Check out the official launch trailer from Blindflug Studios.

Moritz Zumbuhl, President & CEO, Blindflug Studios:

“Sadly, war is very much part of our world every day, and we’re pleased to bring First Strike: Final Hour to PC to reach a different audience to that of those who play the mobile version. As much as the game focuses on a serious topic threatening our daily lives, First Strike is still a lot of fun to play, which through this medium we hope the message gets across to people of a very grave and real hazard.”

We’ll be getting hands on with this game over the next few days and will get a review out for you, if we survive a First Strike and make it through the nuclear winter, so keep an eye out for that.

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