Fortnite Update Available Now – Character Customization and Progression (and more)

For those who’ve missed it so far, Fortnite is a half free / half not third person shooter. Playable with friends or on your own in both a PUBG style PvP mode, or a more open and slightly more undead PvE mode, IF you pay. The title will be going Free to Play next year, likely around December, but you can get in game now and play through the title’s creation

If you’ve not looked at Fortnite yet, it’s definitely worth a gander, and to boot we’re offering two people the chance to win a Founder’s pass download of the game. all you have to do is take a look to the right, and listen to the latest episode of PbP – The Pixel Bandits’ Podcast, and answer our very simple question.

Update 1,8 for Fortnite is available now and the team are proud to offer customization for your Banner, Harvesting tool, Character and glider, as well as selecting the way you load in. As well as this they’re adding their first look at character progression with daily challenges, banner flair amd season counts which seem to be looking towards a prestige system.

There are two challenge rewards (a banner at level 10 and a new glider at level 25) which will be unlocked, though they so note that rewards will no longer be available at the end of the season, however they may return at a slightly later date.

the In game shop is looking to contain different harvesting tools, gliders, and characters. We’re hoping the focus on customization stays there, rather than turning the title into the less desirable Pay to Win format which seems to be becoming more prevalent in today’s gaming industry

don’t forget to let us know your thoughts over on social media, and tune in to the last episode of PbP to be in with a chance of winning a Founder’s edition yourself.

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