Review – Rogue Trooper Redux

Thanks to the folks at Rebellion, today we’re taking a look at the new Rogue Trooper Redux. the Redux version is a remaster of the classic 1996 PlayStation 2 game of the same name, and we have to say we’ve been pleasantly surprised. For a older title it holds up well and has given us some good few hours of gameplay and there is still more we haven’t yet completed.

Developer Tick Tock and publisher Rebellion have done a great job at bringing the original up to date, and giving it great looking graphics and very good optimization on pc. You’ll find a good story, revolving around nu-earth and the war between the bio engineered GI and the human Norts. Singled out as the lone survivor of your squad, and with the help of their implants, you progress through the each of the 13 available missions.

The gameplay is a little dated now, with some slight camera problems but nothing we’ve found which is totally game breaking. The title is surprisingly difficult, even in the normal settings , and rewards a methodical slow and steady approach to most situations you find yourself in. Always bear in mind that you are one, while the enemy surrounding you are many, and if they happen to catch your flank with you unaware, you’re likely to come off worse in the ensuing firefight.

Each missions map feels very large, while possibly a little linear, to the point that if you don’t utilize the map in your menu, you may well end up getting lost for a while, before pulling yourself back on track.. The gunplay isn’t bad, but we’d have trouble rating it above average. To be fair, it is an older remaster, rather than remake, and with other elements of the title more than making up for it, this does get a pass.

You’ll find some elements here which would have been ahead of their time back in 2006, and scavenging and synthesis of consumables like ammo and grenades plays a good part here. slightly further than that with upgradeable equipment itself, there’s a little more there to keep you occupied. Multiplayer does feel a little more of the same, though due to the pre-release play we had with the title, it can often be almost impossible to find a game.

The Run Down
Graphics: 8/10: A well crafted remaster, the team at Tick Tock have really improved on the backgrounds and player models. Visuals aren’tquite to the detail od today’s Triple A titles, of course, but it remains a well realized piece of work.

Story: 8/10:  There’s a good narrative to Rogue Trooper Redux, and also a good amount of backstory available within the menus themselves. It really gives a sense of the struggle between the opposing factions, as well as an insight into the protagonist himself (itself… themself??)

Sound: 6/10: There’s nothing massive to write home about here with the music, though the effects themselves to stand out a little. The music itself was average, though weapons, explosive and character effects and voices were nicely put together, but not very noticeable.

Replayability: 5/10: As with most titles here, the bulk of the play will be in your first run though. You do have the opportunity to go back and beat your previous completion times, but it’s likely not going to be a huge draw for most.

Satisfaction: 8/10: As far as remasters go, this one’s one you might want to take a look at, especially if you’ve not played the original. There’s something a ltitle satisfying to mowing through an entire army with just your one soldier. It remains diffucult enough to give you a challenge, though, and it’s certainly one we’ve enjoyed.

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