Parents’ Guide – Starpoint Gemini 2 (Gold Pack)

Greetings once more bandits. You might be forgiven for thinking we here at Pixel Bandits are big fans of anything which involves starships and galactic travel, so it’ll come as no surprised that we were pleased to get our hands down and dirty at last with the Starpoint Gemini 2 Gold Pack, courtesy of Little Green Men games

Starpoint Gemini 2 itself has been released on various platforms for the last three or four years, however the gold pack came to Xbox One a little earlier this month, and we’ve been itching to boot up and get stuck in to this fairly expansive title. Including the base game to start you off as well as the three DLC packs, there’s certainly a lot to do whether or not you decide to follow the stories, or just bumble about the different areas mining, trading, and fighting or causing crime.

The title does suffer in a couple of areas, but overall for a three or four year old title it holds up very well indeed. Some frame rate issues, and the station and ships’ visuals do let the title down slightly but if you came into this looking for sleek 2017 graphics you’re probably in the wrong place. Overall the narrative is good, and there’s an enjoyable story if you can overlook some frankly abysmal voice acting from the characters involved.

Even with just the base game you’ll find enough to get involved with and in a similar vein to Sid Meier’s Pirates if you do want to, you can just ignore any story missions and live your life as a simple miner, trader, or ferryman, as well as plenty of bounty hunting ans scientific scan missions available in the many freelance missions. The map is fairly large and at fastest speeds you’re looking to take five to ten minutes to fly over the length without stopping for anything exciting along the way

Sadly the one thing we really feel Starpoint misses out on is multiplayer, and while there’s enough going to keep you busy we’d love to experience this with a friend alongside in online play. While quite old now it’s definitely a winner in the Pixel Bandits’ offices and we can easily overlook the slightly dates ship’s visuals in return for some cracking gameplay, the ability to board and take over opposition vessels, and some pretty nice background graphics as we anchor ourselves to planets and swoop through nebulae

The Run Down

Graphics: 6/10: It’s a 3 year old title, so we’re not surprised to find the rendering on the ships feels a little dated, however some frame rate issues did pop up which surprised us a little. The background visuals are very nice and as you view different nebulae and planets and complete your missions, it’s not likely to get in the way

Story: 8/10: The story itself is not bad and with the bse game plus 3 lots of expansion there’s enough in there to keep you busy, as well as offering a solid narrative.

Sound: 7/10: The sound was the first thing we noticed in SPG2 and from the outset we were very impressed with the score and effects in game. Sadly marked down substantially for some very poor voice acting during the story cut scenes

Replayability: 8/10: Whether you’re following the 4 different story arcs or just hanging around and doing your own thing, there’s a lot to like. You can use the in gam database to find the best places to buy and sell goods, and make money as a trader.
Take out a ship with mining lasers and look asteroid fields as a miner, bounty hunt and take on the galaxies greatest criminals, or just go and see pretty things as you rank you your pilot and ships along the way

Satisfaction: 8/10: Overall we’re very happy to overlook the poor voice acting and sub par visuals to enjoy what is a really great experience.. The game itself might be old, but its still enjoyable today and with the base game plus three expansions it’s very much worth the price at currently under £30. If you’re a fan of space traders an combat, this might be one to take a look at, if you haven’t already.

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