Elite: Dangerous Beyond Free for all ED Owners

At the Frontier Expo 2017 we were very happy to hear that Beyond would be coming as a free update for those who’ve purchased Season Two, known as ‘Horizons’. We’ve been in touch with the team at Frontier and can today confirm for you that the Beyond season will be coming free to all commanders, on all platforms, regardless of Horizons ownership.

It’s an exciting piece of news for those who don’t own the second season, which brought planetary landings and engineers, multicrew, and more to the space faring online title. However may be of special note to Mac players, who cannot currently purchase the horizons Expansion at all. It’s worth noting here that of course while Beyond will be coming free to everybody, if you don’t own horizons, there are some parts of it which will not apply to you, and it’s worth noting that the Chieftain, which unlocks with Chapter One, will remain locked to horizons owners only.

It’s a logical conclusion as of course if you don’t own horizons, and don’t have access to the engineers, of course the changes to engineering aren’t going to be of any use to you. While the different colours of the galaxy will be improved, the surface scattered rocks aren’t going to make a difference, as you won’t have access to planetary landings. things like the Crime and Punishment enhancements and items accessible without elements of horizons, will be included.

While there may be parts you can’t get your ship to, it’s great to know that you don’t have to purchase Horizons to get access to Season 3, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Frontier have to offer when the Beta starts on January 25th. The beta will be open to all commanders on PC and Mac