Games With Gold – February 2020

This month’s Games With Gold are working out well, and even if they’re ones I already own, I’m pretty happy that you wonderful bandits will get to take a look at them for free with February’s Games With Gold.

Xbox One

February 1st – 29th – TT Isle of Man

With some great tracks, and smooth if not entirely realistic physics on the different bikes available. I spent a lot of time with TT Isle of Man back at release, and it’s a great little sporty racer, especially when you’re being given it for free

February 16th – March 15th – Call of Cthulu

Call of Cthulu got a nice little review on release. The visuals are pretty sub par sadly, but overall a great title with a brilliant Lovecraftian story and some decent mechanics.

Xbox 360

February 1st – 15th – Fable Heroes

February 16th – 29th – Star Wars Battlefront

Overall, some great titles in this month’s offerings, and ones which I’d definitely say are worth picking up, even if you’re not going to get into them straight away.

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