Parent’s Guide – Le Tour De France

July 7, 2016

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Over the last few days we’ve been quite surprisingly excited about getting some hands on time with the latest cycling mega title (this is a thing now, apparently) Le Tour De France 16. Being exercise

Call Of Cthulu – E3 Trailer

June 10, 2016

Another E3 trailer coming out of the woodwork today, and this one will be of interest to any admirers of H.P. Lovecraft’s most famous (or infamous) creation. Call Of Cthulhu is the official video game

Subnautica – A First Look

May 21, 2016

Commanders Log – Day One Jettisoned escape pod successfully. Unit damaged but I’m alive. Local wildlife seems mostly docile, and have been gathering supplies. It’s not easy. My communications relay is still damaged and I’ve

Elusive Target Time and Briefing

May 13, 2016

A little more information on the Elusive Target has been revealed today and here’s what we know. In addition to yesterdays article full of info on the upcoming event, we can confirm that the target

Overwatch: Blizzards’ console offering launches next month!

April 30, 2016

The world needs heroes . . . and recruiting starts on the 24th of May! Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based first-person shooter is coming to Windows PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One next month. Players around the world can prepare for battle by pre-purchasing Overwatch

Unboxed – Seagate 2TB Hard Drive

April 1, 2016

We recently re-installed the MMO epic, Elder Scrolls Online, as a fair few of the PBSF Clan are getting back into it as well (and who are we to not fly our own flag?!). Unfortunately the

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