Join the Clan

Hey there and thanks for your interest in joining the PBSF Clan. with a strong focus on teamwork and community, the PBSF is a great place for those looking to get away from the trash talk and drama which online gaming can often bring

With around 700 members spread around the world, the PBSF Clan and Community is an ever pbsfexpanding place for gamers on all platforms to get together, and find other like minded folks. Many of us have families, and while we love gaming real life will always come first, so it doesn’t matter if you play once a day, week, month or whenever, you can always find people to play with

We take a strong stance on equality and do what we can to offer an atmosphere which is warm and welcoming for everybody. Our group rules are fairly simple, but strictly enforced. We expect all our members to be courteous, and to not overstep the lines between friendly banter and causing offence

1 – Don’t be an Asshat. This covers most of the below, but it’s always a good one to remember
2 – Discrimination. We have a zero tolerance policy on Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and any form of discrimination
3 – No Console Wars. We’re here for gamers on any platform
4 – No Trash Talking. We’re not 15 any more, and we promote a more mature approach, no matter who we’re playing with

If you think we’d be a good fit for you, please take a moment to answer a couple of questions below. you should received a response pretty quickly, but please bear in mind it may take up to 24 hours