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Being sociable people we’re a part of a large number of groups and pages on Facebook, and of course Reddit. Below, you’ll find some of our favourite places to head off and chill out with other gamers, without having to be part of a clan. Some are general, and some game specific, and you can find details and links to all of them below. With most of our gaming being done on Xbox, don’t forget to let us know if there’s a place you love online as well which we’ve missed, for any platform!

kosten pariet 20mg XB1UK (Xbox Gaming – Facebook)

A place specifically set up with the aim of getting people togethe ronline, XB1UK has flourished also as a great place to share and keep up with things. It’s not the largest group on the list by a long way, but is one where the admins take a keep role in setting up games nights to help people get together

enter From XB1UK: XB1UK is a social group for UK based xbox gamers. We hold leagues and game nights where the sole focus is to bring people together over the love of games!

Adult Gaming Underground (General Gaming – Facebook)

The Underground is a multi platform gaming group with tough rules on douchery but one which enjoys heated (polite!) debate. As ever, lots of great people in here and a group which is growing well and one we love being a part of.

source site From Gaming Underground: Underground has the edge on other gaming pages because we’re about real debates and due to our regular Admin checks there’s no bullying or trolling accepted within, we’re all about being a community, not wars

r/EliteOne (Elite Dangerous on Xbox – Reddit)

One of our go to Reddit groups is just over here with Elite One. Another great place to get advice, and share cool videos, images, and ideas, as well as find many Player groups and factions to join

buy cephalon modafinil From r/EliteOne: We pride ourselves as being an open community of players from all across the globe with differing play styles, outlooks on the galaxy, and even a space religion or two. We have many factions within the sub and as such, many veterans to the game. It’s a great place for someone new to come for advice and our Discord is always open for those who would like more of a conversation

Gamefans (General Gaming – Facebook)

Gamefans is a growing, and very welcoming group, and one of the first we were a part of on Facebook. A group that fits into the PBSF ethos and is welcoming and full of most excellent folks, and which doesn’t tolerate Fanboyism at all.

Mature Xbox Gaming Community (Xbox Gaming – Facebook)

This one is pretty much summed up in the title. Like the PBSF clan, the MXGC si a great place for those of us who are… shall we say “higher levels” than the average gamer these says. It does contain adult humour as well as the usual game clips, news and community events, but a great place to go to just not feel like an old fart

r/Gaming (General Gaming – Reddit)

r/Gaming is the largest collection of gaming lovers we think we’ve ever seen. With almost 12 and a half million subscribers on Reddit, it’s a busy old place packed full of a love for all things gaming, including not only PC and consoles, but card, mobile and tabletop roleplay. Definitely one to check out.

r/XboxOne (Xbox Gaming – Reddit)

For those on Reddit, this is a great place to get all up in the latest news from Microsoft (Reddit never sleeps) as well as sharing and finding funnies and seeking help if you have an issue with your machine

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